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BWE Industry Report - Wind Industry in Germany 2018

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The latest issue of the BWE Industry Report 2018. On about 250 pages you will find the current state of development and an overview of more than 450 companies of the German wind industry.

Manufacturers of

Manufacturers of wind turbines ENERCON GmbH Innovative products and a forward-looking company Innovative technology, high reliability and good economic viability have characterised ENERCON wind turbines for more than 30 years. The German market leader has erected more than 28,100 turbines with a total rated capacity of more than 47.6 gigawatts (as of January 2018). ENERCON has been one of the technology leaders in the wind power sector for 30 years. As the first manufacturer of wind turbines, the company used a gearless drive concept that is a characteristic of all ENERCON wind turbines. ENERCON is also at the forefront in other areas, such as rotor blade design, control technology and grid connection technology, and, with its wide range of technological new developments, proves its innovative strength time and again. grid feeding system, are manufactured in-house. This vertical integration, which is unequalled in the wind energy industry, ensures the high quality and extreme reliability of ENERCON wind turbines. A customer-oriented service offering also plays a part in this, guaranteeing the operator 97 per cent technical availability of the turbines. This holistic concept sets high new standards in technology, quality and safety, and consolidates ENERCON‘s position as the German market leader. 01 Continual research and development guarantee the ongoing success of the company. The same applies to production and service. All the key components, such as the rotor, annular generators and ENERCON GmbH Adress Dreekamp 5 26605 Aurich Phone +49 (0)4941 927 0 Fax +49 (0)4941 927 109 E-Mail Web Profile Wind turbines (> 100 kW) Category Manufacturers Turnover € 5.1 billion Employees 18.000 (Wind energy: 18.000) Founding year 1984 32 Wind Industry in Germany

Manufacturers of wind turbines 02 The product portfolio comprises wind turbines with outputs from 800 to 4200 kilowatts. The latest model is the E-138 EP3 /3.5 MW with a rotor diameter of 138 metres. The enhanced WEC design represents a more compact structure that also optimises production, logistics and installation processes. All ENERCON models boast reliable technology, low maintenance requirements and a long service life, thereby guaranteeing a high level of profitability for customers. 03 04 Thanks to the directly driven synchronous generator and innovative modular full-scale converter concept, ENERCON wind turbines have a wide range of technical options for adaptation to the grid conditions. They have a grid feeding system that is certified to the latest grid connection requirements. ENERCON wind turbines can therefore be integrated without difficulty into all supply and distribution grid structures. Furthermore, ENERCON wind turbines supply numerous features that support the grid. True to the company‘s claim of „energy for the world“, ENERCON is driving forward supply with renewable energies worldwide. In doing so ENERCON is expanding its research and development, production and sales activities in line with demand. Internationally, ENERCON has a presence in the major markets with plants in Brazil, Sweden, Turkey, Portugal, Canada, France and Austria, as well as a globally decentralised service and sales network. ENERCON‘s prudent, sustainable growth strategy guarantees its stability. In autumn 2012, the founding of the Aloys Wobben Foundation sealed ENERCON‘s independence, as well as the continuity of the company‘s direction. Company founder and owner, Aloys Wobben, donated his company shares to the foundation to cement the sustainable, future-oriented corporate strategy of ENERCON. The excellent financial standing of the ENERCON Group was recently confirmed again with an external rating from Euler Hermes Rating GmbH: The analysts gave ENERCON the rating „AA-“ for its creditworthiness and sustainability. This makes ENERCON significantly above the average compared to the overall economy. ENERCON customers can therefore rely on a high level of investment security, in addition to high-quality and reliable turbine technology. 01 | E-141 in Coppanz 02 | Lifting the rotor of an E-141 03 | Single-blade installation on the E-141 in Lehe 04 | E-141 in Lehe Wind Industry in Germany 33

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