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BWE Industry Report - Wind Industry in Germany 2018

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The latest issue of the BWE Industry Report 2018. On about 250 pages you will find the current state of development and an overview of more than 450 companies of the German wind industry.

Manufacturers of

Manufacturers of wind turbines Nordex Group The Nordex group offers powerful wind turbines for nearly all geographical regions across the globe. 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | Nordex Group Adress Langenhorner Chaussee 600 22419 Hamburg Phone +49 (0)40 30030-1000 Fax +49 (0)40 30030-1100 E-Mail Web Profile Wind turbines (> 100 kW) Category Manufacturers Turnover € 3.4 billion (2016) Employees 5,000 (Wind energy: 5,000) Founding year 1985 The Gamma Nordex N90/2500, N100/2500 and N117/2400 multimega watt turbines are highly efficient wind turbines for onshore use and are produced in series. Since 2013, Nordex has been supplying the Delta Generation with N100/3300, N117/3000, N117/3600, N131/3000, N131/3300, N131/3600 and N131/3900 turbines for high, medium and low wind speeds. The N149/4.0-4.5 is the manufacturer‘s latest product and the most profitable turbine for locations with low to medium wind speeds. The turbine has a 30 percent larger swept rotor and a variable output of 4.0 to 4.5 MW. Because the maximum output of the turbine is variable between 4.0 and 4.5 MW, it can be optimally adapted to the individual requirements of the grid operator, the local wind conditions and noise requirements. This also makes it possible to optimise the overall yield within a wind farm via different maximum outputs of individual turbines. The full potential of each turbine location can therefore always be exploited, which is an advantage in large-scale projects, for example, with different wind conditions and complex topography. The N149/4.0-4.5 thus ensures that the highest possible energy yield is achieved: up to 32 per cent more compared to the low-wind turbine N131/3300, which was specially developed for Germany. Despite this increase in power, the noise emission values at rated output are a maximum of 103.6 dB(A) to 106.1 dB(A). At the request of the customer, the system can also be operated in sound-reduced modes. The sound power level at 3 MW power is then a maximum of 96.5 dB(A). The N149/4.0-4.5 is initially available with tower heights of 105, 125 and 164 meters. In April 2016, Nordex merged with Acciona Windpower and now also offers wind turbines of the Acciona Windpower brand, which are operating successfully in various climates and markets worldwide. In the years since the first developments in 1999 to the complete product line-up of today, whose performance spectrum ranges from 1.5 MW to 3 MW and includes various combinations of rotor 36 Copyright pictures: Nordex group Wind Industry in Germany

Manufacturers of wind turbines and tower, the company has gained extensive experience. This is reflected in its increasing sales and proven product developments. Nordex SE is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the TecDAX index (ISIN: DE000A0D6554). Nordex SE is a management holding with headquarters in Rostock. The board of directors and the operational board are based in Hamburg. The company has factories in Germany, Spain, Brazil, the US and India. The group manufactures its own nacelles, rotor blades and concrete towers. Its products and services serve the entire value chain, from the search for suitable locations and system planning to the technical implementation of wind farms. After the installation of the wind turbines, the company continues to offer its customers full support. For all wind turbines, its services can be tailored to the needs of the customer, ensuring smooth operation of the turbines worldwide. The average availability of all wind turbines covered by the company‘s service is 98%. The group has an installed capacity of 21,000 MW worldwide and has offices and branches in 25 countries with a total of 5,000 employees. Wind Industry in Germany 37

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