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BWE Industry Report - Wind Industry in Germany 2018

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The latest issue of the BWE Industry Report 2018. On about 250 pages you will find the current state of development and an overview of more than 450 companies of the German wind industry.

Suppliers Autol

Suppliers Autol Technology Co., Ltd Centralized Lubrication Systems Autol is committed to research, development, production and sales of centralized, competitive lubrication products and to customizing the design and development of total solutions. Suplub-W Intelligent CLS Suplub-W CLS for wind turbines provides two lubrication solutions: integrated single-line CLS and progressive CLS. Innovations • New-type integrated single-line distributor unit reduces blockages in the hoses and the overall fault rate of the system. • Auxiliary unloading valve with patented technology effectively solves the unloading problem caused by the long distance of grease supply and high viscosity grease. Autol Technology Co., Ltd Adress New Hi-tech Zone, Hehuan Street No. 96 450001 Zhengzhou, China Phone +86 (0)371 6785 3162 Fax +86 (0)371 8625 8298 E-Mail Web Profile Lubricants & lubrication systems Category Suppliers of mechanical components Employees 405 Founding year 2005 Our system reliably ensures the automatic supply of grease to many components of wind turbines such as main shaft bearings, generator bearings, pitch bearings and yaw bearings. We provide our customers not only with products but also the allround equipment health management, as well as training of lubrication management, tour inspection and maintenance, technical upgrading and renovation, oil testing and analysis, lubrication test and analysis. As a professional manufacturer in centralized lubrication system, Autol products have featured in more than 100 domestic and overseas technology patents, which have been widely used in applications like commercial vehicles, wind power generation, construction machinery, metallurgy, port machinery, etc. • Lube point amount and grease output flow rate can be adjusted as required. • Every lube point is connected to the single-line distributor unit with separate integrated indicators, which can real-time display the lubrication state of grease points. 48 Wind Industry in Germany

Suppliers Lubmann GmbH Centralized Lubrication Systems Lubmann GmbH, which is a comprehensive supplier of centralized lubrication technology solutions, is the strategic partner of Autol in the European market. Headquartered in Duisburg Germany, Lubmann is dedicated to innovation and reliability of centralized lubrication system. It aims to provide intelligent centralised lubrication solutions for specific customer requirements. Apart from the product we also provide total life cycle service and further application. With a strategic partnership, Lubmann GmbH has deepened its collaboration with Autol Technology on product R & D and marketing. Conducting technological collaboration with Autol provides diversified and intelligent centralized lubrication solutions to European customers. Suplub-W WGCS Suplub-W WGCS is a Waste Grease Collection System with high efficiency, which has been developed based on market investigation for many years and incorporated with many patented technologies. It can remove the waste grease from the bearing in wind turbines and solve the problems of pollution due to spilled grease effectively. Innovations • Clearing up the waste grease timely is helpful for heat dissipation from bearings and reduces bearing friction and wear. • Relieving high grease pressure in bearings makes the bearing cavities smooth and ensures fresh grease can be easily discharged into bearings. • Matched with a centralized lubrication system, the critical blockage problem inside bearings is effectively resolved. • Decreasing system fault rate, saving maintenance cost and enhancing the efficiency and productivity of wind turbines. Lubmann GmbH Adress Friedrich-Alfred-Strasse 182–184, Business Center 2000 47226 Duisburg Phone +49 (0)211 908 94-514 Fax +49 (0)211 908 94-44 E-Mail Web Profile Lubricants & lubrication systems Category Suppliers of mechanical components Founding year 2015 Wind Industry in Germany 49

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