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BWE Industry Report - Wind Industry in Germany 2018

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The latest issue of the BWE Industry Report 2018. On about 250 pages you will find the current state of development and an overview of more than 450 companies of the German wind industry.

Suppliers August

Suppliers August Mink KG, Mink Bürsten Reliable seals with flexible brush seals on wind turbines – Know which way the wind is blowing! Mink Bürsten develops sealing concepts with brushes in close collaboration with leading companies in the wind energy industry. With its flexibility and numerous fibres that work at localised points, the brush has crucial advantages over comparable materials in terms of reliable protection from the effects of weather conditions, nesting insects, sand ingress or cold temperatures. At the same time, condensation can be allowed to escape, which cannot be done, or not to optimal effect, with rubber or foam. The inner or outer toothed pitch bearings are sealed with brush seals against corrosive media from the outside and against escaping grease from the inside. Because the fibres can be adapted for a very wide range of situations, use in any gap size is not a problem – gaps with high dimensional tolerances are reliably closed. Localised contact of the fibres prevents the colour from wearing off on the contacted components, as well as preventing the fibre bundles from freezing solid. Profiles for inserting, screwing or riveting ensure very good durability. The manufacturing technology brings other advantages for sealing rotating components. Fibre slanting in the direction the component rotates significantly reduces wear and tear. Our fibre solutions can be used for far more than just sealing! Mink brushes reduce the noise level of your turbine: • Robust fibres on the tips of the rotor blades reduce air turbulence • Using a cleaning brush prevents operating noises from the azimuth brake Conductive brushes absorb voltage: • Lightening voltages are transferred from the brushes to the spark gap • Brushes used for equipotential bonding offer an affordable alternative and are easy to install August Mink KG, Mink Bürsten Adress Wilhelm-Zwick-Strasse 13 73035 Göppingen Phone +49 (0)7161 4031-0 Fax +49 (0)7161 4031-500 E-Mail Web Profile Seals & vibration control Category Suppliers of mechanical components Turnover € 51 million Employees 430 Founding year 1845 Flexible solutions with Mink brushes 1 | Rotor Mink brushes for sealing the gap on the electric pitch control of the rotor blades. 2 | Nacelle Mink brushes provide sealing concepts for all construction and assembly gaps in the nacelle’s design. 3 | Tower Mink brushes as a flexible seal in the area between nacelle and tower. Mink brushes are highly resistant to UV radiation and ozone, as well as temperature fluctuations. 50 Wind Industry in Germany

Suppliers Balluff GmbH Sensor and automation solutions for wind turbines and their manufacture Over 20 years‘ experience in the wind energy sector and continuous innovation are the distinguishing features of sensor manufacturer Balluff. 01 02 01 | Balluff stands for 20 years of experience in the wind industrie 02 | All sensors used are HALT tested and provide optimal and safe control of wind turbines. Wind farms are a major investment and require high levels of availability. So every component has to be extremely reliable and fail-safe. In addition, pressure on costs and prices is enormous, which forces manufacturers to constantly optimise their production and logistics processes. As a long-term partner of the wind energy sector, Balluff and its global workforce of 3,600 employees understand these challenges. Balluff sensors have been providing optimal and safe control of wind turbines for over two decades. Their exceptional reliability and robustness are the result of optimised development processes with integrated HALT tests (High Accelerated Lifetime Tests). Identifying damage before a breakdown can occur is a must for costly wind turbines. This is why Industry 4.0/Internet of Things and Big Data are also on the rise in the wind energy sector. Intelligent sensors, network technology and power supply units with Heartbeat technology, which not only record various parameters but also provide information about themselves and their condition, enable the gathering of detailed information on the state of a turbine. Balluff is just the place when it comes to future-proofing your equipment. Track and trace procedures, as used in all largescale automotive plants, are the optimum solution by Balluff. Solutions (selection) for: • Angle and rotational speed detection • Pitch adjustment • Fill level measurement • Network technology Balluff GmbH Adress Schurwaldstr. 9 73765 Neuhausen Phone +49 (0)7158 173-0 Fax +49 (0)7158 5010 E-Mail Web Profile Sensors Category Suppliers of electrical and electronic components Turnover € 376 million (2016) Employees 3,600 Founding year 1921 Wind Industry in Germany 51

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