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BWE Industry Report - Wind Industry in Germany 2018

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The latest issue of the BWE Industry Report 2018. On about 250 pages you will find the current state of development and an overview of more than 450 companies of the German wind industry.

Suppliers Bachmann

Suppliers Bachmann electronic GmbH We automate wind energy: safely, flexibly and in a modular system A secure future for your wind farm: Bachmann offers its customers around the world the most sophisticated automation solutions for the on- and offshore wind sector. 02 Operational control • Turbines – Control/simulation • SCADA wind farm • Scalable from a single turbine to a wind farm • Data models in accordance with IEC61400 • Communication based on standards such as OPC-UA 01 Bachmann electronic GmbH Adresse Kreuzäckerweg 33 6800 Feldkirch / Österreich Phone +43 (0) 5522 3497-0 Fax +43 (0) 5522 3497-1102 E-Mail Web Profile Controls, cables & switchgear cabinets Category Suppliers of electrical and electronic components Turnover € 67 million (2017) Employees more than 450 Founding year 1970 Bachmann speeds up progress throughout the world in automation technology. The Bachmann Group was established in 1970 in Feldkirch, Austria, and employs over 450 people around the world. As a hightech company our approach to development is systematic and our solutions are fully thought through. This makes us one of the leading automation partners in renewable energies, machine tools and marine sectors, and the number 1 automation specialist for the wind sector. To date, 100,000 wind turbines – worldwide one in three – are equipped with Bachmann control technology or condition monitoring systems. Our system solutions are open, safe, flexible and modular. Customers confirm our system availability of over 99.96 percent. Integrated condition monitoring and wind farm networking are just two product highlights of Bachmann. Our innovative solutions ensure efficient engineering for your wind turbines: 01 | Bachmann headquarters in Feldkirch, Austria. 02 | Bachmann automation system for wind turbines. Power quality • Grid measurement and protection • Analysis with integrated data recorder • Static and dynamic grid support • Grid monitoring in accordance with international grid codes Wind library/template • Complete toolbox for turbine development • Configurable software modules • Object structure in accordance with IEC61400-25 • Event system and statistical evaluation Wind farm networking • Open communication interfaces • Real-time networking via Ethernetbluecom • Standards in accordance with IEC61400-25, IEC61850, IEC60870-xx, DNP3 (and more) • OPC UA to SCADA & operational control Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS) • CMS experience since 1998 • Over 9,000 WTG equipped with CM technology • The world’s first GL certification of a control-integrated CMS • Customised retrofit solutions 52 Wind Industry in Germany

Suppliers Bachmann Monitoring GmbH Condition monitoring systems for all manufacturers and types Bachmann develops, produces and sells measurement systems for the condition-based maintenance of on- and offshore wind turbines. These systems guarantee a high level of availability and a secure investment. 01 02 03 Bachmann Monitoring GmbH‘s core expertise is measuring and analysing vibrations, enabling it to closely monitor onshore and offshore wind turbines. The monitoring specialist – certified by Germanischer Lloyd and based at the technology hub of Jena/Rudolstadt in Germany since 1998 – has been a subsidiary of Austrian company Bachmann electronic GmbH based in Feldkirch since 2011. Intelligent solutions – The certified webbased CM teleservice (remote monitoring) is the key to efficiently monitoring decentralised turbines. Early identification and pinpointing of weak points ensures the reliable operation of turbines and increases yields on a sustainable basis. Condition-based maintenance based on structure-borne sound can be complemented by diagnostic functions, such as rotor blade and structural monitoring, as well as the drafting of expert vibration reports for the wind industry. In addition to condition monitoring solutions (CMS) integrated into control systems, Bachmann also offers standalone CMS. These CM systems also enable reliable monitoring of main bearings, for example. The “Omega Guard“ was additionally certified by Germanischer Lloyd in 2012 as a fully control-integrated CMS – a world first. This certification is unique in the market to date. All Bachmann CMS meet international standards such as IEC 61400-25-6. The compatibility of the information models and information exchange is always guaranteed and it is possible to incorporate CMS extensively into existing network structures and control systems. International – Among approx. 9,000 equipped wind turbines, Bachmann currently monitors 6,000 onshore and offshore turbines worldwide. Its portfolio encompasses 25 different wind turbine manufacturers of approx. 79 different types ranging from 600 kW to 8 MW. 02 | Bachmann currently monitors 5,000 onshore and offshore turbines around the world. 03 | The Bachmann online CMS ?-Guard® offers access to the condition monitoring data of every turbine from any online workplace worldwide. 04 | Top all-round care: Bachmann Condition Monitoring – the healthcare professionals for wind turbines. Bachmann Monitoring GmbH Adress Fritz-Bolland-Str. 7 07407 Rudolstadt Phone +49 (0)3672 3186-0 Fax +49 (0)3672 3186-200 E-Mail vertrieb-monitoring@ Web Profile Service, maintenance & repair Category Operation & service Employees 53 (Bachmann electronic GmbH: more than 450) Founding year 1998 Wind Industry in Germany 53

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