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BWE Industry Report - Wind Industry in Germany 2018

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The latest issue of the BWE Industry Report 2018. On about 250 pages you will find the current state of development and an overview of more than 450 companies of the German wind industry.

Suppliers Filtration

Suppliers Filtration Group GmbH Systems and components for wind power In on- and offshore wind power systems and service platforms around the world, filtration and separation solutions from Filtration Group do an excellent job. All components and systems undergo continuous development and are characterised by highest levels of efficiency and reliability. 01 02 03 Filtration Group is one of the largest supplier for filtration solution and offshore wind energy systems. Typical applications for Filtration Group filters include hydraulic systems for rotor blade adjustment, for azimuth control and for the drive train brake-generally as flange-mounted filters and air breathers. With its extensive application expertise, in-house researcj and development, technical center, laboratory and design development, the Filtration Group offers its customers tailor-made filter components and process engineering solutions. Filtration Group GmbH Adress Schleifbachweg 45 74613 Öhringen Phone +49 (0)7941 6466-0 Fax +49 (0)7941 6466-429 E-Mail Web mahle Profile Hydraulic components Category Suppliers of mechanical components For oil filtration in transmissions, e.g. an innovative oil filter module, spin-on cartridges as well as filter elements and filter housings are employed. The compact, ready-to-connect filter was developed for the specific requirements of lubrication systems in wind power plants. Integrated drainege on the dirty and clean sides, ventilation in the filter cover, an easily accessible maintenance indicator, and the high-performance two-stage filter elements provide maximum cleaning performance and long-term reliability. 01 | Oil filter module Pi 8300 02 | EcoParts elements 03 | Tower climate control system 60 Wind Industry in Germany

Suppliers Gram & Juhl A/S TCM® – NUMBER 1 IN THE WIND INDUSTRY For more than 20 years, Gram & Juhl has been developing and marketing innovative solutions for condition monitoring of wind turbines under the TCM® (Turbine Condition Monitoring) product family. Gram & Juhl is the leading supplier of CMS by means of vibration analysis in the wind industry. More than 22,000 wind turbines and 80% of all offshore wind turbines worldwide are already equipped with TCM®. TCM® Monitoring TCM® monitoring gives you a deep insight into the condition of your wind turbine. Analyse vibration data early on to find out if damage to components such as gear mechanisms, bearings and generators is developing. Identify deviations such as alignment or pitch errors that will permanently affect the optimum operating condition of the wind turbine. Thanks to full-spectrum monitoring combined with an intelligent and sophisticated alerting process, TCM® monitoring offers highly reliable and efficient monitoring of the system components. TCM® Retrofit With the TCM® retrofit kit, CMS can now be economically feasible by means of vibration analysis, even for older wind turbines. A retrofit kit specific to the wind turbine is assembled based on your requirements and installed by the operator of the wind turbine or a service team at low investment and installation costs. With TCM® retrofit, you can monitor your wind turbines on an ongoing basis, replacing time-consuming and cost-intensive recurring individual measurements. Once the kit has been fitted, you will always have the current vibration data of your wind turbine at your disposal independently of any external conditions. TCM® – The Benefits: • Open and transparent service, included through the TCM® Customer Portal • Vibration data can be always accessed by our customers – the data is yours! • Early damage detection, as well as optimisation of work processes in management • Immediate access to wind turbine information, condition indicators and recommended actions • Reduction of operating and maintenance costs Gram & Juhl A/S Gram & Juhl GmbH Adress Soendergaard Allé 14 6500 Vojens Phone +45 7020 2169 Fax +45 7353 1565 E-Mail Web Profile Condition monitoring systems Category Suppliers of electrical and electronic components Employees 30 (Wind energy: 30) Founding year 1997 Wind Industry in Germany 61

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