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BWE Industry Report - Wind Industry in Germany 2018

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The latest issue of the BWE Industry Report 2018. On about 250 pages you will find the current state of development and an overview of more than 450 companies of the German wind industry.

Suppliers Interhydraulik

Suppliers Interhydraulik company for hydraulic components with limited liability Development – Production – Service: Expertise under one roof As a specialist in hydraulic connecting technology, Interhydraulik offers a diverse range of pipelines, hose assemblies and screw connections for use in wind turbines. 01 01 | Example of a pipe plan in the gearbox housing to lubricate the gearbox bearings 02 | Construction of the entire hydraulic connecting technology in your 3D model We have been developing, manufacturing and distributing components for hydraulic connecting technology since 1984. As an owner-operated family business with over 190 employees around the world, today we are one of the leading system providers for hydraulic components in the fields of mobile hydraulics and wind energy. Our passion for our customers‘ technical problems sets us apart. Our application technology means we can quickly develop individual and intelligent product solutions to a problem. Every project is supported from the development of the prototype to series production. Our quality, experience and passion is not limited to mobile hydraulics. Our customers also include reputable companies in the field of wind energy, which have been using our products for many years all over the world. Our products are also used on the inside and outside of gearboxes. Inside the gearbox: Pipelines, lubrication lines, nozzles, oil reservoirs, distributors, holders. Outside the gearbox: Hose assemblies and pipelines, intake manifolds, distributors, compensators, special components, pre-assembled components. Due to increasing power density and ever-decreasing gap dimensions, technical cleanliness should not be underestimated for the long-term reliability of hydraulic systems. We meet the requirements of various OEMs regarding the technical cleanliness of hydraulic components. This is why we have our products and manufacturing processes audited by independent institutes. Interhydraulik company for hydraulic components with limited liability Adress Am Buddenberg 18 59379 Selm Phone +49 (0)2592 9780 Fax +49 (0)2592 978100 E-Mail Web Profile Hydraulic components Category Suppliers of mechanical components Turnover € 21 million Employees 190 Founding year 1984 02 64 Wind Industry in Germany

Suppliers KTR Systems GmbH Systems for Wind Power Technology For more than 25 years KTR has been involved in the wind power industry and is a global market leader in the field of power transmission in wind energy plants. Customised systems consisting of couplings and torque limiters, but also brake and cooling systems are ready for deployment in wind power plants operating in the mega-Watt range. 01 As far back as 1988 KTR had already developed the first coupling for use in the wind power industry. With the RADEX®-N steel disc coupling we have had a coupling system on the market for over 15 years, that was specifically built for use in wind power plants and which has undergone continuous development since its inception. Currently more than 70,000 KTR couplings are used in wind turbines with a nominal capacity of up to 8MW, with thousands more added every year. Our high-performance braking systems are used on the rotors and in the nacelle, to which end we provide products for three different applications: rotor brakes, yaw brakes and rotor lock. The systems are available in both hydraulic and electromagnetic versions. Our large cooling units comprise of electric motors, fans and bypass systems. The cooling elements are made of weight-saving aluminium, whilst the fan cowling and frame are constructed in robust high-grade steel. In spite of their high performance, all cooling units are extremely compact. Cooling systems and motors intended for use in off-shore applications are treated with a special coating for off-shore environments, in order to protect them against the corrosive saline atmosphere. Made for Motion – KTR 01 | Hydraulic and electromechanical braking systems: KTR-STOP and EMB-STOP 02 | Steel lamina coupling: RADEX-N wind 03 | Combined cooling systems: MMC eco KTR Systems GmbH 02 03 Adress Carl-Zeiss-Str. 25 48432 Rheine Phone +49 (0)5971 798-0 E-Mail Web Profile Brakes Category Suppliers of mechanical components Employees More than 1,100 Founding year 1959 Wind Industry in Germany 65

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