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BWE Industry Report - Wind Industry in Germany 2020

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- An overview of the German wind industry - Leading companies in the sector present their products and services - Around 400 addresses - easy access to the riht contact - NEW: Including Innovative Projects and Start-ups


INNOVATIVE PROJECTS for the German wind market DIGITISED FINANCIAL ASSET CONTROLLING Renewable energy projects can now be financially monitored and optimised over the entire project lifetime with a new software package from greenmatch. Last year, greenmatch, in collaboration with a major German asset manager, began developing a digital solution for monitoring the financial performance of renewable energies. The new product GM Asset Controlling will become available in 2019. By channelling and processing the flood of information from various sources, the major challenge in asset management is addressed. Collecting and processing information is extremely time-consuming, and the process is complicated by the many manual interfaces involved. Until now, this process has mainly involved the use of spreadsheets, making it highly susceptible to human error. The new product enables asset managers to focus more on data analysis and the implementation of measures to sustainably improve the profitability of renewable energy plants. The new product helps asset managers to meet their reporting obligations by enabling them to monitor and optimise financial performance and simplifying liquidity and distribution planning as well as the budgeting process. Establishing connections between planned and actual figures is a central challenge in the field of development. Greenmatch is therefore integrating the new GM Asset Controlling product directly into the existing GM Valuation product which represent plan figures. Not only does this ensure a smooth transition between the financial plan and actual performance. It also enables on going impairment tests of your project directly within a single web-based app. Monitor the financial performance of your assets Thanks to the unique integration of financial planning and actual figures, the new product is the ideal tool for monitoring the financial performance of an investment. Apart from comparing planned and actual figures, GM Asset Controlling provides valuable information on the reasons for deviations from the plan. This allows Figure 1: IRR deviation analysis Return for statements to be made such as: The current return is 2% below the originally planned return. The higher revenues were more than offset by higher operating and investment costs. The biggest negative effect on the return was the increase in investment costs.” (see Figure 1) Year-to-date reporting In addition to monitoring long-term financial performance, the short-term view in the form of year-to-date key figures also forms an integral component of the new asset controlling solution. The focus here is primarily on the controlling of operating figures such as production, revenues, operating costs and EBITDA. This information provides the basis for a reliable budgeting and forecasting process. Plan Discrepancy Actual 42 Wind Industry in Germany

Advertorial Figure 2: Liquidity planning cash/-equivalents at start of month Liquidity inflow Disbursements Required liquidity injection Liquid funds at end of month Minimum liquidity required According to the current forecast, liquidity will fall below the required minimum liquidity in December. According to the current forecast, a liquidity gap of EUR 20,000 is expected in January. The disbursements due in May are at risk because DSCR requirements are likely to be violated. Liquidity and distribution planning Another focus is rolling liquidity planning. GM Asset Controlling processes the latest available information and combines it into a liquidity plan. The system can derive hints and recommendations for action directly from the data and support the asset manager in optimally planning distributions and adapting them to the project-specific payment modalities. Figure 2 shows an example in which the planned distributions of EUR 186,000 will result in a planned liquidity gap of EUR 20,000 in the following months. The asset manager can make provisions and avoid unpleasant surprises. Aggregation at portfolio level & benchmarking In addition to the project-level view, the product will be extended in a subsequent step by a function for aggregation at the portfolio or investor level. This will enable monitoring of the financial performance of the overall portfolio and provide exciting opportunities for benchmarking. For example, the system will detect irregularities within the portfolio and derive indications for the asset manager using messages such as “the lease costs in Project A are 5% higher than the average”. “The new GM Asset Controlling product enormously increases both the transparency of investments in renewable energy projects and the efficiency of asset management.“ Tobias Bitterli, Co-CEO greenmatch AG Project overview Conclusion Initiator Implemented by greenmatch AG & Deutscher Asset Manager greenmatch AG Project status Market launch in 2019 Thanks to the close link between financial planning and asset controlling in an integrated system, the new product from greenmatch offers the optimum solution for asset managers who wish to monitor and optimise the financial performance of their investments. The “Performance Monitoring” application is already developed and currently in an integration and test phase involving test customers. Collaborations with other test customers would be ideal for the further development, especially in the areas of portfolio aggregation and benchmarking. Are you interested in the project and want to know how your community or your business can benefit from it? Contact us. Our contact can be found in the company profile on page 154 Wind Industry in Germany 43

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