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BWE Industry Report 2020 - Briefly Asked

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BRIEF ENQUIRIES The sector is driven by its actors. We asked decision-makers for their views. Question #1: “Which actors have a particular responsibility for promoting the German wind industry?” “For the industry to develop successfully, more capacity is needed within the relevant authorities to deal with approval procedures, as well as price adjustments on the part of wind turbine manufacturers.“ DR. ANDREAS MÖLLER, Manager, ABICON GmbH “Wind energy projects are becoming ever more complex. Success depends on local acceptance which is a challenge for all actors. This is why we connect customers and business partners and enable citizen participation.“ JÖRG-UWE FISCHER, Head of the Renewable Energies Competence Centre of DKB and chairman of the Wind Energy Association‘s finance advisory council “The expansion of wind energy in Germany still requires political support in the form of reliable regulation in order to achieve the targets defined in law. The wind sector must continue to lobby towards this end, as well as to increase acceptance for wind power.“ “In the future, only those will be successful in the industry who can respond flexibly to the needs of all market participants. Structurally, eno energy is ideally positioned to also offer cross-sectoral solutions.“ STEFAN BOCKHOLT, Manager of eno energy Group DIRK GÜSEWELL, Head of Portfolio Development at EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG “The supply industry makes a major contribution to increasing the efficiency of operating wind turbines, through offering intelligent solutions such as condition monitoring alongside consumption and energy balancing.“ MARC LIEBERT, Global Segment Manager, Weidmüller GmbH & Co. KG “We – industry and politics – have to work together to increase acceptance and strengthen the financial income of municipalities. New priority areas for wind must be identified where there has previously been little wind energy.“ MEINRAD WAGENSCHWANZ, Vice President Renewable Energies Germany, juwi AG “The onus is on politicians to resolve existing blockages with respect to approvals, created by overly long approval processes and legal obstacles. We are a strong sector that is able and willing to promote the energy transition.“ BJÖRN WENZLAFF, Manager, Windwärts Energie GmbH 2 Wind Industry in Germany

Question #2: “In which foreign markets is your company particularly active and why?” “We are constantly expanding our foreign activities, recently to the US and Taiwan, often hand in hand with our customers. Always taking into account economic significance and qualitative feasibility.​“ MATTHIAS BRANDT, Board of Deutsche Windtechnik “Since 2010 we have been manufacturing in China directly and locally for our wind energy customers, as over the past years the nominal capacity of wind energy plants has constantly increased there.“ CLAUDIUS HIRSCH, Manager, Interhydraulik Gesellschaft für Hydraulik-Komponenten mbH “The international market is becoming increasingly important. We now look after a total of 4,053 MW, 1,133 of which are international in Belgium, Finland, France, Canada, Croatia, Poland and Taiwan.“ NILS BRÜMMER, Executive Director, wpd windmanager GmbH & Co. KG “RES is represented in ten countries. This global market presence gives us more clout and our clients benefit from strong partnerships, exchange of experience and our network.“ DOMINIQUE GUILLOU, CEO, RES Deutschland GmbH “With local production facilities in China, India and the USA, Rittal serves the Asian and American focus markets of wind energy.“ “We have excellent know-how both domestically and in the European markets, as well as in America, Australia and Asia. We support our customers with tailored financing solutions for their international projects in renewable energy and infrastructure projects.“ HEIKO LUDWIG, Global Head Structured Finance NORD/LB “France and Mexico – two large and very different countries with high electricity needs or a lot of catching up to do in terms of renewable energies.“ HEINER RÖGER, Manager NOTUS energy “France is a core market for VSB. We have built up divisions for project development for wind and PV there, as well as operational management. We are also successful as a service provider.“ MARKO LIESKE, Manager, VSB Holding GmbH “Asian Wind OEMs ask for new Röchling solutions especially in China which is the new business opportunity for global wind. Röchling expects new demands from customers in Asia for on- and offshore wind.“ DAN MORITZ, Industry Manager Wind Power, Röchling Industrial “In Norway, Sweden and Finland. Because they are Ramboll’s home markets, where we can combine deep local knowledge with strong engineering teams to deliver outstanding expertise to our customers.“ JOACHIM BINOTSCH, Business Development Manager Onshore Wind, Ramboll FRANZISKA HAIN, Vertical Market Manager Energy, Rittal GmbH & Co. KG Wind Industry in Germany 3

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