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BWE Industry Report 2020 - Briefly Asked

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BRIEF ENQUIRIES Question #3: “What has been your most important strategic decision within the last two years?” “In the past, our well-being depended solely on wind energy development in Germany. Today we work in 16 countries, have expanded our O&M services, and develop solar parks to balance out fluctuations.“ ALEXANDER KOFFKA, General Management, ABO Wind AG “To develop a software plug-in for our CMS to measuring blade unbalances. We were the first to market this and measure even small unbalances in kgm. “ HOLGER FRITSCH, General Management, Bachmann Monitoring GmbH “The uncompromising direction of our global organisation to support the strategies of our OEM customers to help them be the preferred turbine supplier to their customers“ ANDREAS SCHUBERT, Global Key Account Manager, Wind Energy/Renewable Market Manager, DEUBLIN GmbH “Due to our strategic positioning we can offer our entire range of services regarding grid code compliance to manufacturers and project developers from a single source.“ BERNHARD SCHOWE-VON DER BRELIE, Manager of FGH GmbH and FGH Zertifizierungsgesellschaft mbH “Gram & Juhl has focused on developing new software related to cyber security and machine learning as this will be the main topics in the future of the wind industry.“ ZABIHULLAH ALEFI, COO GJDE, Head of Monitoring, Gram & Juhl GmbH “Thanks to our latest product, GM Asset Controlling, greenmatch’s product range is now tailored to map the entire life cycle of a project financially.“ MORIS ISIK, Co-CEO, Founder greenmatch AG “The implementation of a CMMS system for professional controlling inspection dates as well as sustainably managing defects detected during inspection or service assignments.“ CHRISTIAN ARNOLD, Management, juwi Operations & Maintenance GmbH 4 Wind Industry in Germany

BRIEF ENQUIRIES “We entered the offshore segment with a proprietary maintenance system for large-scale projects and, at the same time, developed a complex, independent 24/7 control center, which now looks after onshore and offshore projects alike.“ “The partnership with ROBUR opens up new options for our customers – whether through additional services, investments, or expansion of the international business.“ MAIK SCHLAPMANN, Founder and Manager of ROSCH Industrieservice GmbH MANUEL LASSE, Managing Director Green Wind “Integrated operational management and maintenance by a service provider forms the basis for economically successful operation of wind farms.“ MARTIN FRANGEN, Manager, Koopmann Group “An important decision was to bring knowhow and decades of experience in sealing technology for large and heavy machine construction into the challenging growth market of wind energy.“ DIETMAR WOYCINIUK, Manager, TECHNO-PARTS GmbH “PNE is one of the most experienced developers of wind farms. Now we have developed into a “clean energy solutions provider”. In addition to wind, in the future, we will develop photovoltaics, storage, services.“ MARKUS LESSER, CEO, PNE AG “Having enhanced our power generation portfolio by driving forward the expansion of our 24/7 monitoring capacity over the past few years, both in technical and staffing terms, this has now become a central building block of our technical operations management service.“ FLORIAN DOMMEL, Operations Department Manager, Pfalzwerke Aktiengesellschaft “The key decision was to establish QV LUX at a time when on-demand night lighting approved by the civil aviation authority was being made a legal requirement. That’s what I call perfect timing!“ PETER-HEINRICH BOYSEN, CEO, QV LUX GmbH Wind Industry in Germany 5

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