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BWE Industry Report 2020 - Briefly Asked

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BRIEF ENQUIRIES Question #4: “What has been the most important innovation in your industry in the last two years and why?” “All these steps towards artificial intelligence. Because it will dramatically reduce costs if automation not only responds to short-term events but includes entire strategies.“ GABRIEL SCHWANZER, Director Business Unit Wind, Bachmann electronic GmbH “The most important development is the development of Na-NiCl batteries, as these are about 50 percent cheaper than Li battery cells. The necessary raw materials are widely available. The battery can be scaled at will.“ MICHAEL WAHL, Founder and Manager of GAIA mbH “We count on integrated measurement technology in wind turbine control. The market for regenerative energies can only grow through reliable analysis and diagnostics to ensure system availability.“ DIRK KORDTOMEIKEL, Business Manager Wind Energy, BECKHOFF Automation GmbH & Co. KG “Financing on the basis of power purchase agreements largely enables projects to be implemented without state funding. This makes renewables competitive – a cornerstone of the energy transformation.“ NILS DRIEMEYER, Director Renewable Energies, Hamburg Commercial Bank AG “The implementation and establishment of a central online platform for line research in Germany. Transmission operators can thereby clearly be identified and grid operation can be designed safely.“ JENS FOCKE, Board of BIL eG “Market and system integration by virtual power plants is the basis for further expansion of renewable energies and sector coupling.“ JOSEF WERUM, Managing Director, in.power GmbH “We have successfully used our new ultra-flat ultrasonic examination system (FLAT UT) in non-destructive tests of main rotor bearings. In the case of offshore tests they no longer need to be dissembled.“ MARTIN WINKLER, Director Sales Technical Center, Framatome GmbH 6 Wind Industry in Germany

BRIEF ENQUIRIES “We consider the rapid progress in the energy output of wind turbines at ever higher hub heights one of the most relevant developments. The more efficient wind turbines become, the closer we will come to our goal of renewable decentralised power supply. “ “One of our most exciting developments is electrothermal energy storage. We are currently developing a solution to store energy in the GWh range, cheaply and effectively.“ MARKUS TACKE, CEO, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy JÜRGEN JOOS, CFO, Max Bögl Wind AG “The development of cables in 66 kV. The entire power train, from the transformer in the nacelle through to the connection with the grid cable, can now be developed at this voltage level.“ “The development and implementation of a fully automated stacking system for stator sheets gives our end customer an efficiency increase of approx. 30 %. This creates advantages in the highly competitive wind power industry.“ XENIA SELL, Distribution, Strothmann Machines & Handling GmbH THOMAS BRANDT, Senior Key Account Manager Wind, Prysmian Kabel und Systeme GmbH “The most important innovation from our point of view is the digital twin along the entire value chain of the wind turbine, from design to operation. Our digital enterprise offering opens up new perspectives in the interaction of the virtual and real world for efficient, reliable and cost-effective power generation.“ “Minute reserve from wind! This is the first time that a volatile renewable energy source has assumed responsibility for grid stability – this is the prerequisite for completely renewable power generation.“ MARC KOHLENBACH, Senior Key Account Manager, Statkraft Markets GmbH KLAUS PACHE, Director of Market Development Board Wind Equipment, Siemens AG Wind Industry in Germany 7

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