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BWE Industry Report 2020 - Innovative Projects


INNOVATIVE PROJECTS for the German wind market 100 % RENEWABLE WITH BATTERY STORAGE SYSTEM RES Deutschland GmbH is building one of the most modern energy balancing power plants in the world. The battery storage system will help Bordesholm achieve energy self-sufficiency and 100% renewable energy supply going forward. Bordesholm is a small municipality with 8,000 inhabitants in the north of Schleswig-Holstein. Its municipal utility, Versorgungsbetriebe Bordesholm GmbH (VBB), generates about 75 % of the municipality’s annual electricity demand from renewable energy. The municipality is aiming to cover 100 % of the electricity demand exclusively from regional renewables by 2020. VBB has been pursuing its “Vision 2020” with corresponding measures since 2008 and has set itself the ambitious goal of becoming completely independent of fossil fuels. To make this possible, RES Deutschland GmbH has designed and built a battery storage system for VBB. As a pilot project, the battery storage facility was supported by the state of Schleswig-Holstein and the Technical University of Cologne for research purposes. The aim of the project is to establish whether it is possible to operate a public power supply network, fed by 100 % renewable energy, as a frequencystable standalone network. One of the most modern balancing energy power plants in the world The 10-MW battery storage system has been in operation as scheduled since May 2019 and is one of the most modern energy balancing power plants in the world. The battery storage system now reliably provides primary energy balancing for the Europe-wide electricity transmission network. Prequalification for participation in the energy balancing market was granted by the transmission system operator TenneT. In the event of a failure of the upstream power grid, the battery storage system acts as a “load spring” to ensure a stable grid frequency by balancing all consumers and intermittent energy production from renewable energy sources in less than 0.2 seconds. Photos: © RES / Silke Reents 14 Wind Industry in Germany

Advertorial “The battery storage facilities are now at the same point as the wind and solar energy were 30 years ago. Furthermore, we need visionaries who can think ahead in the future of energy supply, because this is the only way we will be able to bring about the energy transition.“ Dominique Guillou, Managing Director of RES Deutschland GmbH Cellular network of many self-sufficient power grids – the first cell is Bordesholm In addition to frequency stabilisation, two further features of the battery storage system are its “standalone network” and “black start” capabilities. Black start refers to the ability to start up a power plant independently of the power grid from the deactivated state. The battery storage system is thus also able to reactivate a deactivated power grid, a feat that was previously reserved for fossil-fuel power plants. Standalone connectivity means that the local network in Bordesholm can continue to operate in the event of a grid failure. VBB is thus in a position to provide the supply area with 100 % renewable and regionally generated energy completely independently as an independent cellular network. Performance and energy management with RESolve® The operation of the battery storage facility is optimised with aid of RESolve®, RES’s proprietary control and energy management system. 24/7 monitoring ensures the reliability and safety of the battery storage system. The control system is based on extensive experience with grid-connected generation plants and thus provides a spectrum of gridsupport and grid-protection control functions. This protects the battery storage system from surge voltage and overheating, which increases the service life of the battery storage system and optimises its performance. Project overview Initiator Implemented by Facts and figures Versorgungsbetriebe Bordesholm GmbH RES Deutschland GmbH 10 MW/ 15 MWh lithium-ion battery storage for frequency stabilisation with black start and standalone grid capability Project status Completion May 2019 Location Bordesholm, Schleswig-Holstein Conclusion Full supply through renewable energy is already possible today thanks to intelligent and system-compatible battery storage. These are key solutions for future decentralised energy supply from 100% renewable energy. They offer communities such as Bordesholm the opportunity to build a cellular power grid comprising many small self-sufficient power grids, which together form a district power grid but are also capable of supplying a region reliably on their own. Are you interested in the project and want to know how your community or your business can benefit from it? Contact us. Our contact can be found in the company profile on page 177 Wind Industry in Germany 15

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