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BWE Industry Report 2020 - Innovative Projects


INNOVATIVE PROJECTS for the German wind market ENERGY PLANT MAINTENANCE IN OFFSHORE AREAS The operation of 400 MW offshore wind power plants is ensured by maintenance, testing and servicing, as well as repair and 24/365 operational readiness, from a single competent source. 01 02 When a highly complex energy transmission system is installed, consisting of 36 medium-voltage switchgear panels (33 kV) with gas-insulated design, 2 155/33 kV transformers, a 155 kV GIS system and 86 medium-voltage switchgears on the wind turbine towers, supported and monitored by more than 200 digital protection and control technology devices with distance protection, differential protection and numerous OCP applications, an operating period begins in which the operator must test this complex system technology accordingly and, most importantly, ensure it remains functional. This task, in the normal environment of an application that has been tried and tested countless times, represents a real challenge for the operator in the offshore sector. The availability of specialists with the appropriate offshore approval is one hurdle, but travel costs, local accommodation, and the limited capacity of overnight lodgings at sea also necessitate a concentration of specialist expertise in one person if possible, with appropriate redundancy. 8 Wind Industry in Germany

Advertorial “The process of implementation is determined by the requirement profile of the task.“ Martin Frangen, Managing Director, Koopmann Group 05 03 04 01 | Koopmann in offshore operation 02 | Mobile equipment for flexible use 03 | Gas-insulated medium-voltage switchgear 04 | Reflection measurement on HV cables 05 | Testing the protective relays In addition, transport between the platform/hotel ship and the wind turbine towers is only possible in calm seas. Since, historically, technological boundaries exist in the German energy industry between the specialist areas of switchgear technology and protection technology as well as transformer know-how, this concentration of expertise on the basis of the requirements profile of the deployment site is the critical factor in being able to work successfully, cost-optimally and quickly. The knowledge base of the employees must be broad as well as detailed, and the physical requirements for offshore work must be met. Project overview Initiator Implemented by Facts and figures Project status Location Global Tech Koopmann Group 400 MW offshore wind power generation, 36 medium-voltage switchgear panels (33 kV) with gasinsulated design, 2 155/33 kV transformers, one 155 kV GIS system and 86 medium-voltage switchgear units Ongoing maintenance cycle North Sea, approx. 180 kilometres off Bremerhaven The bottom line The development of the requirement profile marked the beginning of the Koopman Group’s expansion into this demanding service sector. Through the development of employees and taking into account the optimisation of deployment capacities, this led to excellent results – the complex installation can be safely maintained and tested, and repaired with fast reaction times, thus securing the long-term contribution of this installed energy supply facility to the German power supply. Are you interested in the project and want to know how your community or your business can benefit from it? Contact us. Our contact can be found in the company profile on page 161 Wind Industry in Germany 9

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