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BWE Industry Report 2020 - Start-ups

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start up The world‘s first modular wind energy system: efficient and scalable One of the biggest technological and economic challenges in the near future is to ensure an energy supply that is not only renewable and environmentally friendly but also economically viable. MOWEA, a Berlin-based start-up, has recognised this challenge and is ready to tackle it head-on. MOWEA provides flexible modules for scalable wind energy solutions based on the Lego principle. This enables efficient B2B and B2C applications, saving energy costs and bringing down CO2 emissions. MOWEA’s aim is to make an effective and economical contribution to achieving global climate targets, inspired by the ambition of becoming the world’s first point of contact for flexible, demand-driven wind energy solutions. MOWEA was founded as a spin-off by Dr Till Naumann and Andreas Amberger, two graduates of Berlin Technical University. Both founders had already focused on wind energy topics during their studies, and were able to successfully merge the research fields of aerodynamics and electrical engineering. It all started with the IBB-ProFit R&D project “Mowian”, which successfully validated a method to reduce the costs of small wind turbines: a multi-rotor system consisting of a large number of highly efficient microturbines which can be produced in great numbers. Dr Naumann wrote his doctoral thesis on the aerodynamics of rotor blades with the aim of improving he performance of small rotor blades. He is recognised as an expert and enthusiast in the field of wind energy. 65 Wind Industry in Germany

MOWEA GmbH Storkower Straße 115a 10407 Berlin +49 (0)30 23526111 Founding year 2016 Staff 4 Focus We offer We are looking for Energy technology & renewable energy systems Efficient, scalable and modular small wind turbines and technical expertise Industrial project partners, sales partners, production capacities Motivated by the positive results of the research project, his doctorate and the potential of this technology, he was compelled to explore his vision further. The intensive research that followed was financed by renowned funding programmes, including ProFit funding as well as the EXIST Business Start-up Grant (Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, BMWi) with over EUR 1.5 million. Traditional small wind turbines still lack quality and standardisation, which makes them cost-intensive and expensive. The decisive advantage of MOWEA wind turbines is the scalability of cost-effective, standardised and modular components designed for mass production. Through the innovative use of high-tech, highly efficient aerodynamics and state-of-theart control technology, MOWEA is setting new standards in small wind turbine technology and reaches top performance values in energy production (certified by Germanischer Lloyd). MOWEA offers the ideal complement to solar/photovoltaic systems for independent energy supply in industry, real estate and urban areas. The use of several identical small wind generators in one interconnected plug and play technology system ensures high efficiency and allows for flexible applications of the MOWEA systems. For the market launch, MOWEA has specialised in the field of telecommunications and the application of a modular wind energy system on a telecommunications mast, supported by the expansion of the new 5G radio technology. The company entered a strategic partnership with Vodafone to run a market test and lays claim to two patents. MOWEA is also part of the Vodafone UPLIFT accelerator programme. Large-scale production is planned to start next year. Conclusion In summary, it is clear that more green energy is needed globally in order to achieve ambitious climate targets. However, what is still lacking are efficient small wind turbines with flexible application opportunities, which are also cost-effective and can be easily installed and maintained. With its modular and scalable wind energy systems MOWEA offers a solution to this problem. Wind Industry in Germany 66

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