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BWE Industry Report - Wind Industry in Germany 2020

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- An overview of the German wind industry - Leading companies in the sector present their products and services - Around 400 addresses - easy access to the riht contact - NEW: Including Innovative Projects and Start-ups


INNOVATIVE PROJECTS for the German wind market HIGH PERFORMANCE 2.0 – SECOND GENERATION HYBRID TOWER CONCEPT Fully exploiting the potential of wind energy – this is the goal Max Bögl Wind AG wants to realise through the further development of its modular tower concept. The new generation of the Hybrid Tower Bögl reaches hub heights of up to 190 meters and enables an even faster and more economical implementation of wind towers of the highest quality due to standardised processes. Every meter a wind turbine gains in height can increase the annual electricity yield by up to 1 percent. As an efficient combination of steel and concrete, the Hybrid Tower with maximum hub heights ensures a quick return on investment for the entire project. But it is not only the increased output that contributes to the economic efficiency of the new Hybrid Tower: the tower concept has also been optimised in terms of project management, which saves costs, simplifies logistics and improves the assembly process. The new foundation design simplifies the prestressing at the entrance level of the wind turbine, thereby streamlining the work processes. Higher fatigue strengths are achieved and structural peak loads are further reduced. The conical Hybrid Towers 2.0 require significantly less preload force and have optimised power flow. The internals are installed using a new process patented by the Max Bögl Group: lift and ladders are installed in parallel and concurrently with the erection of the concrete tower, which reduces the installation time considerably. The engineers have also focused on logistics and transport: almost no heavy load vehicles are required to transport the individual tower segments. The use of standard trucks makes the installation of the wind turbine more flexible, less risky and faster. Photo: Max Bögl Wind AG / Reinhard Mederer 50 Wind Industry in Germany

Advertorial Production of the Hybrid Tower takes place in the Max Bögl Group’s prefabrication plants, where the segments are manufactured in serial production and ground to an accuracy of 1/10 of a millimetre with the aid of a CNC system. The benefit of this is that the individual elements can later be placed one on top of each other on the construction site without the use of mortar regardless of weather conditions. Thanks to the Mobile Fabrication developed by Max Bögl, the Hybrid Tower can also be produced directly at the project location almost anywhere in the world – as was recently done in Thailand. The mobile production facility can produce Hybrid Towers directly on the construction site while maintaining the high quality standards of the German production plant, and increases local economic efficiency by involving local workers and raw materials. Photo: Max Bögl Wind AG / Reinhard Mederer This was one of the reasons why the trendsetting concept won this year’s bauma Innovation Award in the construction process category. Facts on Max Bögl Wind AG Photo: Max Bögl Wind AG -- First hybrid tower prototype in 2010 -- Start of serial production in 2011 -- Over 1,850 towers manufactured and installed -- More than 4,800 MW installed -- More than 42 certified tower types -- Installation of the highest onshore wind turbine by hub height in Oct. 2017 in Gaildorf (178 m HH) -- More than 220 MW of developed wind projects -- 2017–2019 first project of the Mobile Fabrication in Thailand (90 turbines) -- Winner of the bauma Innovation Award in 2019 in the construction process category Conclusion New technologies are essential to the efficient use of wind energy regardless of location, and especially important in terms of achieving current climate targets worldwide. Innovative and at the same time economical energy solutions such as the Max Bögl Hybrid Tower concept are paving the way to a more sustainable future. Are you interested in the project and want to know how your community or your business can benefit from it? Contact us. Our contact can be found in the company profile on page 96 Wind Industry in Germany 51

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