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Global Wind Report 2018

In 2018, the wind sector once again grew in strength. Wind energy is now one of the cheapest forms of electricity in many markets. Installations of wind capacity overtook new fossil fuel capacity in many mature and emerging markets for the first time. These are strong fundamentals for a now mainstream energy source.

GWEC’s Task forces and

GWEC’s Task forces and committees Government commitment crucial for Africa/ Middle East onshore markets The onshore markets in Africa and Middle East are expected to install 1 GW or more each year, adding over 6 GW of new capacity by 2023. The majority of the volume is expected to be driven by Egypt, Kenya, Morocco and South Africa. During 2018, several governments in this region re-confirmed their renewable and wind-specific targets. Kenya, for example, announced a target of 100 per cent renewable electricity by 2020, and market activity in general gained momentum. South Africa recovered from its stand-still and is expected to hold the fifth procurement round during 2019. Tunisia successfully executed a 130- MW tender and this capacity is expected to be installed by 2021. Kenya’s Lake Turkana project was fully commissioned and reported a 80 per cent capacity factor during February 2019. The regional market leader in 2018 was Egypt, with 380 MW. To drive further growth in these markets, governments need to remain committed to their targets and follow-up on the execution of announced and planned tenders and procurement programmes. Continuous investment in the general infrastructure, especially grid, is required to secure planning and pipeline execution. Government commitment and executing policies remain key for growth in the African wind market. Securing PPAs is not a new challenge in African markets. This challenge is linked to lengthy administrative permitting processes, the slow inauguration of governmental schemes and guidelines for the set-up and execution of PPAs and the financial strength of available offtakers. The positive short-term outlook for the region proves the willingness and ability to execute and install. Overcoming challenges (e.g. and structuring bankable PPAs) will impact how targets and ambitions will be reached and how international and local players will continue their commitment to the region. New installations in Africa/Middle East MW onshore 983 300 200 483 2015 608 186 414 2016 South Africa Kenya 8 632 14 618 2017 962 272 380 310 2018 Egypt Other Africa / ME GWEC | GLOBAL WIND REPORT 2018 37


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